We want to put out good records, and not work shitty jobs.   That's all.   We want to give people music they might not have otherwise, and we refuse to stick to one style or genre.   Genre distinctions besides being laden with implications, restrict thinking and clutter discussion.   As time passes and the catalogue numbers increase certain predilections will inevitably become apparent, but we hope that common themes such as integrity, hard work, conviction and different takes on beauty will tie the catalogue together and garner your respect and support.  

We're tired of hearing people older and younger pine for some mythical and long lost golden age of music.   Every age is a golden age in it's own right, and it's not music's responsibility to find you anymore.   If you're unhappy with what music you seem to be finding, dig deeper because it's out there and it will welcome you if you make an effort.   Start by going to a show.   In the interest of supporting live music, we will make every effort to put out records by bands that are as good if not better live than recorded, and who have a healthy appetite for live performance.  

Nothing grandiose here, and yes there are definitely other labels out there that we feel accomplish the same things we set out to do.   But given the ever increasing amount of crap records that get made every year, and that those always far outweigh the quality releases, we feel there is definitely room for one more good label out there.   We hope you enjoy, and be good to one another, it's the only thing that will save us in the end.