Original pressing of only 500 (200 clear, 300 black) SOLD OUT!

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The first installment in our ongoing series of limited edition cassette releases comes from Brooklyn, NY's Unearthly Trance. Limited edition of 200 blood red cassettes, hand numbered. side A contains their sophomore full length 2005's "in the red", and side B contains the "Live in Belgium" set recorded last year. Cassettes are professionally duplicated and printed, 90 minute, high bias and guaranteed to sound exquisitely hellish.
US & Canada: $10:

International $15:

US & Canada $8 :
Like a motherfucking speedball with a blotter acid chaser, the much anticipated CD release of Vincent Black Shadow's debut vinyl LP is now in stock. Limited US pressing of 1000 CDs.
US & Canada $5 :
International $8 :

This is for fans of the indie rock underground around the mid '90s...It's good to see a band that can appreciate the off kilter, yet melodious stylings of Archers Of Loaf. This New Orleans based band caught me off guard. This is easily one of the best releases I've heard in a while.


US & Canada $5:
International $8:
The New Flesh was named "Best Band" in Baltimore's Citypaper. You may hate this record but this record hated you first.

"They have a very nice way of crafting huge puddles of pus and munge."
-Byron Coley/Wire Magazine



CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. We are sold out of the vinyl, but there are plenty of on-line and real live record shops that still have it in stock!

REMASTERED FOR IMPROVED SOUND QUALITY - Repressing of Beach House's debut LP.

"And the best thing here is so good it's scary: with its languid slide guitar, wheezing organ and churning chorus, "Apple Orchard" already feels like a classic, and almost-- but just almost-- worth losing the warmth." -

"Lovely—possibly perfect?—debut album from this girl-and-boy lovebird combo who sound like they’re living down by the sea on some magic moonlit beach that stretches from France to Baja to Bali." - Arthur Magazine

"Beach House's self-titled debut is a dream of an album. A blurry pageant of uncanny resemblances gently bob along its watery surface: the blissed-out dot-matrix country of the Magnetic Fields' The Charm of the Highway Strip, Suicide's early "burn-out amps" and tinny primitivism, 4AD astral spume, even the recent distorted opulence of Broadcast's Tender Buttons." - Dusted


America - $20:
International - $30:

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THE NEW FLESH - s/t 7"

The first New Flesh first 7", a press of 500, grey vinyl, with silkscreened covers.

Side A: Nowhere,
Side B: Weight, Scapegoat.


Limited to 300 copies

Side A : Punched in the Head (Drunks with Guns cover), In This shit World

Side B : Abyss

International $13:
US & Canada: $4:
US & Canada: $4:
US & Canada: $10
This EP is six tracks of taut, urgent post punk with a bit of an early SST flavor. The percussive jumpy bass lines and scraping, treble-heavy guitar attack harkens back to "Buzz or Howl..." era Minutemen and Husker Du's "Zen Arcade."
International: $15
THE NEW FLESH - "dog b/w memory scrap" - 7"/CDR

The New Flesh "dog b/w memory scrap." Recorded by Nick Skrobisz of the Wayward.
1st pressing: limited to 200 red/black mixed vinyl. sold out.
2nd pressing: limited to 400 black vinyl
Double sided color covers with double sided insert.
Human Conduct & Terra Firma split release

CD-R w/ silk screened covers (different art from the 7") on Sympathizer Records. limited to 100.


7" : $5
CDR: $5
The entire HBB catolog is no available on line! Go to Thrill Jockey's online store to download.
Vincent Black Shadow - "More Deeper" - CD

Vincent Black Shadow's sophmore full length. Recorded all analog, live to 2" tape at Lord Baltimore studios. The record is nine tracks of absolutely savage psychedlic acid punk rock. Heavy as hell but ferociously catchy and funky, current comparisons to Boris, Stooges, Blue Cheer, and Comets on Fire still apply, but now mixed with Hardcore Jollies era Funkadelic.

"Think Motörhead covering Blue Cathedral-era Comets On Fire with Johnny Rotten on vocals. Think Kirk Fisher from Buzzov*en fronting Zen Guerilla. Think GG Allin dropping six hits of Orange Sunshine and then mercilessly buttfucking everyone in Royal Trux, while laying down some serious cowbell." -

US: $10
International: $13

United States: $6


Split EP between acclaimed Houston via Baltimore singer-songwriter JANA HUNTER and her brother and sometimes collaborator John's band, INOCULIST (Brooklyn). One track on each side. JANA HUNTER'S side is a slow burner called "Two Cocks Waving Wildly at Each Other Across a Vast Open Space, a Dark Icy Tundra." The INOCULIST side is a dark and rich jammer called "Provenance."

Limited edition of 350 white/black marbled vinyl, silkscreened covers by Wackyprints.


International: $10
LITTLE GOLD - "COMPLETELY FUCKED!" 7" EP (w/ digital download)

We were (and remain) big Meneguar fans here at HBB, so we're excited and proud to release Christian Deroeck's (ex. Meneguar/Woods) newest single with his post-Woods band, Little Gold. Two tracks of awesome power pop full of sing along hooks and his trademark whammy bar-ing. First press (ltd. to 300) on orange vinyl and includes download coupon.

ORIGINAL PRESSING SOLD OUT. Repress available. 300 on black vinyl with download cupon.

7$ US
10$ international

US $7 / International $10
INOCULIST - "SPELLS" - LP (w/ digital download)
Through harmony and intricate musical arrangements, Inoculist crafts a dreamy, uncompromising and unique pop landscape on their debut LP "Spells". Free Press Houston called Inoculist’s performance at SXSW in 2009 “a treat…John Hunter’s baritone found its perfect compliment with Ashlyn Davis’ soft understated voice…” The Village Voice named Inoculist as a Brooklyn band to watch sounding, “somewhere between Low and the post-Vashti folkaverse-stark guitars abetted by syrupy swirls, glockenspiels, and perfect “off” guy-girl harmonies like Richard and Linda or John and Exene”. Their debut single “Provenance”(HBB09), released as a split 7” with Jana Hunter, received glowing reviews and garnered comparisons to current folk favorites Espers.
USA $15 / International $20
VIRGIN FOREST - "JOY ATROPHY" - LP (w/ digital download)
Ex members of Castanets, VIRGIN FOREST members currently play in Phosphorescent. Countless tours and shows with those outfits have helped to forge fluidity and musical rapport seldom heard in bands today. Virgin Forest and Phosphorescent both offer a unique take on traditionally "American" music but the similarities end there. Virgin Forest's debut LP, "Joy Atrophy," like Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors," is the sound of love being pulled apart from the inside. Few modern recordings offer both perspectives on a breakup performed essentially in real time. Just as songs on "Rumors" act as barbs/parting shots/goodbyes, rendered all the more heartbreaking by the complicity required of the aggrieved parties, so do Virgin Forest's offerings. The LP stands as necessary culmination of protracted and self-destructive love, laid bare in aching but poker-faced vocal harmonies. In its economic and punk 27 minutes "Joy Atrophy" effortlessly updates one of the oldest and most fundamental narratives people choose to set to music.
USA $16 / International $20

THJB plays distinctly American music. Twin guitars, drums and bass, harmonies and lyricism. Ambitious but understated, existing somewhere between Thin Lizzy's "Vagabonds of the Western World" and Kris Kristofferson's "The Silver Tongued Devil and I"...THJB prays "give us with the good Fleetwood Mac records and forgive them the bad ones, give us Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt...deliver us from Dylan. Marc Bolan died for our sins and Lemmy never let me down."


LP coming soon!


CD - $5


Heavier and darker than it's predecessor. Think perhaps Leonard Cohen backed by Lynrd Skynrd? Troubling and evocative lyrics serve simultaneously connective tissue/immoral fiber and offal clinging to lost youth/lost worlds. Doomsday fetish, slow burns, long cons, infanticide, rough sex (real and archetypal), morbid visions, delusions of grandeur, beating the odds...again all deadpanned in virulent mix of heroic and vulgar argot. If the sharp edges aren't immediately apparent don't worry, you'll be bubble wrapping the edges of the coffee table soon.